| my summer garden |

Although we live in a climate that really only allows us to garden from May to September, I still try to get in as much as I can and enjoy the fruits of my labor all summer.  We live in an urban area in a semi-detached 100 year old home, and so my gardening is limited to a small area in the front of my house and also in our quaint backyard.  Every year I’ve been trying to fill in spots with mixed perennials, shrubs, and vines, all while constantly shifting plants around as they grow.  I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert, but my thumb is green enough I really love getting my hands dirty on the weekends.  I don’t plant vegetables except tomatoes and herbs because the local raccoons and squirrels think it’s a buffet and I also don’t get much sunlight in the yard.  Oh wait, I did plant green onions and garlic this year, the animals stay away from those!  Can’t wait for the weekend to see what has bloomed…